About Kristine

Ever feel like you were born too late?

Yeah, so do I.

Although I do enjoy things like high-speed internet, comfortable clothing, and the right to vote.

You have a tough time finding jewelry that you love, don’t you? Something kind of antique, yet kind of modern, kind of badass.

In this crazy world, filled to bursting with the soulless, the machine-stamped, and the mass-produced, I create fantasy-flavored, storybook art jewelry with my own two hands and a few simple tools.

Antique-flavored jewelry that allows you to express the Olde Soul that you are.

I reach back through time, bringing you yesterday’s future.

A self-taught artist, specializing in wire sculpture and cold connection, I push the envelope of what’s possible in wire jewelry by engineering, sculpting, and weaving ever more complicated and intricate pieces, using fine-gauge wire for embroidering and beading my sculptures.

I’ve wept tears of joy over a great piece, and I’ve hurled half-finished work across the room in frustration – but I’ve never, ever, been bored with wire.

I never attended art school, but I earned my KITA (kicks in the ass) from the School Of Hard Knocks. I’ve been a hairstylist, nail technician, bookkeeper, grocery store cashier, bartender, bass player, and singer, but always an artist underneath all that.

I am such a history nerd, I once explained the Dred Scott decision to two of my friends. In a tavern. While watching Jeopardy.

When I’m not at my workbench, I work part-time as a staff accountant / credit manager.

Born in Joliet, Illinois, I hightailed it for the Northwoods of Wisconsin in 2000, and have lived there ever since.