Tutorial FAQs

Do you teach classes / write tutorials?
>>> Click here to see my tutorials in my Shop on Etsy.

What would I tell you if you asked my advice on being a wire artist?
Learn the rules of wire sculpture, then break them.
Listen to what your heart and soul wish to say in the language of wire.
And don’t be afraid to waste wire!

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Jewelry FAQs

Can you make me a custom bracelet / earrings / pendant? Or set my priceless family heirloom?
Sorry, but I cannot accept custom work at this time.

What is that wire made of? Is it craft wire?
No, it is not craft wire. I use all precious metal jeweler’s wire, including:
Sterling Silver wire – 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, by law in the US
Bronze wire – 88% copper and 12% tin
14k Goldfilled wire – A thick layer of 14k gold bonded to a brass core, creating a wire that is 5% gold.

Do you use castings or molds?
No, I do not. My art jewelry begins as straight strands of jeweler’s wire, and I painstakingly sculpt, weave, and stitch until I have created a stunning piece of wearable art.

Why is your jewelry so expensive? Will it hold up?
My art jewelry is priced this way because:
–It is work-intensive. All my work is hand-sculpted, strand by strand. As of now, I do not solder, rather I “stitch” all my pieces together with fine-gauge wire.
–I work in sterling silver wire, goldfilled wire, and genuine gemstones, and I price accordingly.
–I’ve been sculpting wire for many years – since 2000!
My jewelry is delicate, yes. Most handmade things are. Once again, I do not solder. But if reasonable care is taken, and the jewelry is kept away from the hands (and mouths) of babies and little kids, there should be no problem.

Do you sell your jewelry?
Yes! >>> Click here to visit my online boutique.

If I purchase a piece of jewelry from you, how do I know I’ll receive it in one piece?
I’ve been successfully shipping jewelry since 2003.

Sterling silver circle earrings victorian style in blue topaz

Ready to take your skills to the next level?

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