How To Make Round Wire Curls

Ever wonder how other wire jewelry artists are getting those really round curls on their ends? In the following free tutorial, I show you one way to make those round curls on the ends of your wire.


You will need:

  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • a wire end you wish to curl
  • (optional) file
Step 1: With round-nose pliers, grasp the end of your wire.

(Note: It’s easy to dent your wire with round-nose pliers – grasp firmly but lightly)


Step 2: Turn about 2/3 of a circle, bracing against your thumb.



Below, here’s what we have after doing the 2/3 turn.



Step 3: With wire cutters, snip off just the end of the curl, at an ANGLE.  The end will taper to a point.



The photo below shows what we have so far. The orange dotted line depicts the direction of the cut angle.



Step 4:  (OPTIONAL) File the cut end so the taper is smooth.



Step 5:  Grasp (not hard!) cut end of curl with the tips of your round-nose pliers, and turn a bit. Allow the plier tips to slip off the cut end, forming a nice round circle.


Below, here’s our nice round curl.


Step 6: If you wish, you can take it further by re-positioning your round-nose pliers on the side of the curl opposite the tapered end, and curling the wire further into a swirl.


And your end curl is finished!


Ready to take your skills to the next level?

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