Wire Wrapped Eye Loop Tutorial

In this free tutorial, I show you how to make a wire wrapped eye loop, for hook-and-eye clasps. The procedure is almost like the wrapped bead link, except that one loop end is much larger, to accept the hook.

You will need:
  • 2 1/2-inch (6 cm) length of wire (I used 22-gauge half-hard round)
  • one bead, 4mm or smaller, with a hole big enough for your wire (I used a 3mm round metal bead)
  • round-nose pliers
  • two chain-nose pliers, or one bent-nose and one chain-nose pliers


Wire Wrapped Eye Loop Instructions:

With round-nose pliers, grasp the wire one inch (2.5 cm) from the right end, and bend an angle, as shown.  Use your left thumb to brace the wire for a sharper angle.
form loop around pliers
Step 2: Slide the wire down the plier barrels about 1/4 of the way, and curve the wire tail (on the right-hand side of the angle you bent) around the right-hand plier barrel. Begin the curve by pushing the wire tail part-way around the plier barrel with your left finger.
Step 3: Thread the loop onto whatever you are attaching to – chain, link, etc. – and wrap the tail around the wire twice. Cut remaining tail off, and press cut end down.  >>Confused? See my Wire Wrapped Link Tutorial.
form the eye loop
Step 4: Thread on your bead, then grasp the wire right next to the bead with the tip of your round-nose pliers. Bend an angle, as before.
curve around pliers
Step 5: Slide the wire all the way down to the widest part of the round-nose pliers, and curve the wire around the plier barrel.
hold wire eye loop with pliers
Step 6: With bent-nose or chain-nose pliers, grasp the eye loop as shown, and wrap wire tail around wire shaft at least twice, ending next to the bead.
view before cutting off remaining wire tail
Step 7: Here’s what we have before cutting off the remaining wire tail. Cut at an angle, and press down with pliers.
finished wire eye loop link

Your link is finished!

These links can be joined to each other, connected with wrapped bead links, or chained together with jumprings.

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