Wire Wrapped Link Tutorial

In this free tutorial, I show you how to make a wire wrapped bead link. This simple link is your gateway to projects like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  >> Looking for an eye loop to go with a hook clasp? Click Here <<

You will need:

  • 3-inch length of wire (I used 20-gauge dead soft)
  • one bead, with a hole big enough for your wire (I used a 6mm round bead)
  • round-nose pliers
  • two chain-nose pliers, or one bent-nose and one chain-nose pliers
With round-nose pliers, grasp the wire just a bit to the right of center, and bend an angle, as shown.  Use your left thumb to brace the wire for a sharper angle.
Step 2: Slide the wire down the plier barrels about halfway, and begin curving the wire tail (on the right-hand side of the angle you bent) around the right-hand plier barrel. Begin the curve by pushing the wire tail part-way around the plier barrel with your left finger.
Step 3: Continue forming the end loop, pushing the wire tail further around the plier bail with your left thumb.
Step 4: Pivot the round-nose pliers so you are grasping the loop at 12 o’clock, and the angle bend is at 9 o’clock. Grasp the wire tail between your left thumb and left forefinger, and curve the wire tail the rest of the way around the barrel. Make sure the wire tail is crossing over the angle bend, as shown.
Here’s what the loop should look like.
Step 5: With a pair of chain-nose or bent-nose pliers, grasp across the loop you formed. Be sure to position the plier jaws parallel to the wire tail.
Step 6: Still grasping the loop, begin wrapping the wire tail around.
The photo shows how it looks after one wrap around the “shank wire”, the shank wire being the wire that will pass thru the bead.
Step 7: Hold the second pair of pliers in your left hand, and grasp the end of the wire tail with them. Wrap the wire tail around the shank wire a second time.
Your work should now look like this.
Step 8: With cutters, cut off the wire tail at an angle, then use chain-nose pliers to press down the cut end against the shank wire.
The view from the back, showing the cut end.
Step 9: Thread on the bead. Make sure it is right next to the wraps. Now place the tips of your round-nose pliers right next to the bead, and bend a sharp angle into the wire, like you did in Step 1.
Step 10: Position your round-nose pliers so that the wire is halfway down the barrel, and curve the wire tail around the barrel of the pliers, as you did in Steps 2 and 3.
Step 11: Wrap wire tail around shank wire the same way as Step 6.
Step 12: With the second pair of pliers, grasp the end of the wire tail, and wrap it around a second time.
Here’s the link from the front, before cutting the second wire tail off.
Step 13: Cut the wire tail off on the back of the link, or the same side as the first cut end.
Step 14: Press cut end down against the shank with chain-nose pliers.

Your link is finished!

These links can be joined to each other, or chained together with jumprings. Link several together to make a bracelet, or a bunch to make a necklace. I have a couple of hook clasp tutorials available in my Shop –

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